Warlander -  Multi-talented 
Testing for Breeding Approval
     WSS have a uniform testing model in place throughout Australia, Europe and the USA. Warlander horses are assessed at the level of European breeding standards under strict German breeding guidelines. 
     Warlander horses must be DNA Parental Verified (registered within the Main Studbook) to have testing performed. The testing can be done either when the horse is registered or by the testing body and the results supplied to WSS. No Auxilliary Studbook Warlander horses are elligible for testing.
     In countries or regions where external examination is not possible, or where numbers make assessment prohibitive, the studbook is in the process of developing tests which can be performed by qualified veterinarians to assess horses conformation, temperament and movement against the breed standard.
United States of America -
WSS accept the results of FPZV testing in the United States.  For more information please contact Cassandra Adams at: dragonsvalourfarm@gmail.com or  visit:  http://www.fpzvusa.co/
     The Warlander Studbook Society is pleased to announce that the ACE Group Inc will now be conducting testing (assessment) of Warlander horses for breeding approval in Australia.
     All Main Studbook Warlander horses are elligible and their assessment will be based on the Warlander Studbook Society's Official Breed Standard
     Owners of breeding mares and stallions are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this independent testing which is a non-biased annual assessment for breeding and performance stock. By facilitating this assessment the ACE Group Inc  provides assistance to the breeder to achieve their goals of equaling European Breeding Standards.
     Warlander mares and stallions will be able to gain breeding approval through this system. Warlander horses must be DNA Parental verified and registered in the Main Studbook, in the name of the owner in order to be assessed for breeding approval.
     The ACE Group is a member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH).  This means the ACE Passport can be used as a national identification document for FEI horses.
     Warlander owners can contact the ACE office (0436010676 or admin@acegroupinc.com.au) to make enquiries or bookings for the upcoming Assessment Tour. The Tour commences in New Zealand on about 24 January, coming first to Queensland after that on 28 January, on through NSW from about 2 February, to Victoria around 7 February with Tasmania in there at some point. Then on to South Australia on 14 February and Western Australia on 18 February. The Tour will finish on 22 February in WA.
     The ACE Group says to Warlander owners," We will be very happy to send out a Tour Information Package, which is yet to be finalised for the upcoming Tour, and emphasise that most of the information required is available on our website. We look forward to seeing some Warlander horses participating in the next Tour."
     For more information visit: 

Sport Predicate
     In order to ascertain trainability the horse must be educated to a level which will clearly show the degree of this attribute. Therefore the studbook will award horses who have achieved certain results in official competition such as dressage, driving, eventing, jumping, reining or multiples of these and other recognised disciplines.
    The Warlander is a functional ‘baroque’ horse who’s breed standard is based on trainability and ride ability. it ‘has’ attracted high school/ haute école trainers throughout the world. Trainers of this discipline will not be discriminated against because they choose not to compete and horses who have reached a level comparable to the movements (and the quality of them) required for official competition will be acknowledged.
     Horses attaining an award based on the grades below will be awarded a SPORT predicate. This will be added to the horses name on your Warlander Registration papers. So for instance if your horse is called Black Rocket, it will now become Black Rocket SPORT.

Dressage:  Five points to be achieved at different times and signed by different judges. If there is more than one judge, the scores of all judges are averaged to one percentage. 
Medium Tests Level 4, 4.2 and 4.3 (USA - Third Level)
60% - 64% = 1 point, 65% - 69.9% = 2 points, 70% and higher = 3 points
Eventing: – CCI***
Show Jumping – World Cup Qualifier 1.40
Driving – Advanced FEI dressage test qualifying 60%
Reining – CRI*

Preferent Predicate
     The status of 'Preferent" will be awarded based on achievements of a horse’s offspring (Warlander mare and stallions only). In order to acheive this award, a Warlander stallion or mare must produces four (4) SPORT predicate or Licensed stallions (or any combination there of).

Pictured top to bottom:
Abacus Xanthus bred by Holly Zech owned by Cheryl Painter - USA
Warlander mare 'Sabrina" bred by Ray Arris owned by Karen Hollis - USA
F2 F Michaelangelo F2 Warlander ridden by Steve Kutie
Abacus Impuesto bred by Holly Zech owned by Yene Stud - SOUTH AFRICA
World Champion 'Sabrina'  bred by Ray Arris owned by Karen Hollis - USA