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Registration Options



There are two levels of membership: 

Annual Membership: For members who do not require the services of the Studbook on a regular basis. ie; An individual registering horse/s at one time. The fee is $100 AUD and membership lasts for one year.

Lifetime membership: For members who breed or own multiple Warlander horses and need to register / transfer horses on a regular / semi regular basis. This option gives a 'once off' membership fee of $300 AUD which lasts the members lifetime. Lifetime members receive a free listing in our online breeders directory, a 'breeders code'  and use of the Warlander Studbook Society logo for marketing purposes. 



Registration costs for all countries with the exception of USA are $100 AUD per horse. Ugrades, additions, changes to papers are $35 AUD and Transfers of Ownership $45 AUD

For USA please see Warlander USA section of this website.

Warlander horses who are themselves DNA Parental verified will be registered in the Main Studbook. Horses who are not DNA Parental verified will be in the Auxiliary studbook of the Main Studbook. WSS offers one set of papers for the horses lifetime. 

Horses of any age who meet the Warlander breed standard and requirements of registration can be registered in the studbook*. A full three generations of the horse’s pedigree are documented and horses with unknown pedigrees are not eligible unless accepted by their mother studbooks.

WSS registration papers are supplied in high resolution 'secure'  print ready PDF format. WSS papers are have multiple layers of security settings and can't be altered, copied or tampered with. The end user can only print them. Coupled with this, the studbook requires that the original papers are returned to our office when owners are transferring horses or adding testing, DNA results etc so we are constantly checking validity. Papers are emailed to you and are easy for you to print to hard copy. Without exception we can only deal with applicants who have a valid and working email address in order to send and receive information. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  In order for a horse to be called a 'Warlander' it must have the official registration paperwork from the Warlander Studbook Society or IWSR paperwork. The only other bodies able to offer official Warlander Paperwork the  Bayerischer Zuchtverband fuer Kleinpferde und Spezialrassen in Germany. There is no studbook in the USA recognised by WSS to register Warlander horses.  WSS strongly suggests that you only purchase Warlander horses that are fully papered in the first instance from sellers / breeders.

AUSTRALIAN RESIDENTS PLEASE NOTE: Buyer Beware - If you purchase a horse in Australia being advertised as 'Warlander' insist on sighting its Warlander Registration paperwork beforehand or contacting our office to verify as WSS do not accept registrations from third parties in this country.

EUROPEAN RESIDENTS PLEASE NOTE: The Warlander Studbook Society has been receiving many emails from people who have purchased horses from Spain advertised as 'Warlander' only to find the sellers have not been able to supply them with the appropriate registration paperwork of the parents or DNA matter. Therefore, these horses have been falsly advertised and purchasers need to be thorough in their investigations before purchase to avoid dissapointment.

NOTE: The Application for Registration is used for every aspect of your horses registration (upgrades, updates, change of name etc.) with the exception of Transfers and Leases which can be downloaded below. The Studbook deals with many non-english speaking countries and therefore has had to make this application more lengthy to cater for this. If you are supplying supporting documentation (such as copies of dam and sire's registration papers) then there is no need to duplicate information on the form.

Payment Options: We recomend you use the above PAYPAL link for your security and convenience. This will automatically convert your currency to AUD for International members.Direct deposits, Cheques or Money Orders can not be accepted for members outside of Australia due to the high costs associated with transferring currencies. If you are within Australia please email to obtain Bank details if needed.

DNA Parental Verification 

Do not send DNA matter to the Studbook. We take no monetary gain from DNA Testing and you deal directly with the testing facility. You pay them and send them the DNA matter and / or results of previously tested horses and then supply the studbook with the results of a DNA PARENTAL VERIFICATION which is the testing of THREE (3) horses - the sire, the dam and the progeny in order to verify the progeny has come from those parents

Your testing results must be sent in with the Application for Registration if you wish for your horse to be registered in the Main Studbook (for breeding horses).

AUSTRALIA: NEW - The Warlander Studbook Society now uses Practical Horse Genetics for DNA Parental Verification and testing of horses for dwarfism (Friesian) and Hydrocephalus in Australia. See below for a list of countries outside of Australia this laboratory can also service.

Please order online at: 
Testing for hydrocephalus, Friesian dwarfism and any of a wide range of coat colour tests are also available at the same time.
A Warlander discount code is available: WRLNDR. 
Members who use this code will get a discount and have parentage verification reports automatically copied to the Registrar.
Parentage profiles are $67 per horse when you use the discount code. It is $100 per horse to test for hydrocephalus and Friesian dwarfism as well as parentage. Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or cheque.
To verify your foal’s parentage the laboratory needs parentage profiles from the foal and both parents. If the parents have already been tested at another laboratory there is no need to get them tested again, just send through copies of their profile certificates. Electronic copies of your certificates can be sent through by replying to the order confirmation email sent by the lab.
For any queries please email Dr. Kao Castle -

Countries that can use the Australian Testing Facility: 

New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Cyprus, Denmark, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, The Netherlands, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia. Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, New Caledonia, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Vanuatu






Sending information to WSS
When payment is complete, email all documentation - Completed Application for Membership, Application for Registration, supporting documentation such as copies of Dam and Sire's registration papers, DNA Parental Verification, JPEG image of the horse you are registering to:

European Passports   Each country throughout the world has its own 'individual' governmental requirements for the transport / movement of livestock (horses) and as the studbook is international it is impossible for us to cater for every countries 'different' governmental requirements. Also, the studbook does not reside in Europe, which it would need to in order to issue Passports, therefore, we can not offer this paperwork.