Approved Warlander Stallions USA
In order to gain recognition for the Warlander horse in the USA and Canada, the Warlander Studbook Society has started a dedicated USA based office headed by Lisa Harders and Lisa Oberman.

This office is available to residents of North America and Canada only.  All other countries, please go to:

We have done this because we want to help you unify the Warlander in your countries and bring it and 'you' the recognition you deserve.

As an incentive for perspective USA and Canadian Warlander owners and breeders to join us we are offering a special 'one off' Lifetime Registration fee of $85 USD per horse which includes one years membership to the Studbook. You must be a member of WSS in order to register or transfer horses. 

What will this mean for Warlander owners in USA and Canada?

Simply, your horses in USA and Canada will not only receive the only legitimate 'Warlander Registration Papers' in the world from the mother studbook for the breed who owns and governs the breed standard, but through FPZV you will be able to have your Warlander horses tested (keured).

You wil also have the network of owners, breeders and the studbook both nationally and internationally to support you. 

What is the process?


It is very simple. Download the USA & Canada Application for Registration and make payment by PayPal on the link below. Return completed form and accompanying documentation to: or 

Download Application for Registration/Transfer

(USA  & Canada only)

There are two options for Warlander

registration as follows:

Main Studbook Registration

This qualifies the horse for keuring and requires DNA Parental Verification which can be done through the below Genetic Testing Facilities in USA. 

Auxiliary Studbook Registration
The Auxiliary Studbook does not require DNA Parental Verification, however horses in this register can't be keured and their progeny can’t be registered in the Main Studbook.  This option suits non breeding horses (geldings), however the studbook recommends that if you are planning on selling the horse you supply the new owner with DNA Genetic Marker reports for the sire and dam or hair follicles from both so that they have the option to upgrade in the future if they wish.


DNA Parental Verification


DNA Parental Verification is the testing of three (3) horses - the sire, dam and progeny to prove the off spring came from those parents. You deal directly with the testing facility and supply the results to the Studbook.

UC Davis

Animal Genetics USA

For more information, contact:
Lisa Harders     E:
Lisa Oberman  E:

or the Federal Registrar at:

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USA Registration Only
Above: Inqueito RAM - F2 Main Studbook Stallion Approved for Breeding - Contact Morgan Moore:
Above: Phantom Sky - F1 Main Studbook Warlander stallion approved for breeding - Contact David & Seelchen
Above: Storm Shadow F1 Main Studbook Warlander Stallion approved for breeding. Contact Cassandra Adams: (Photo credit - Lisa Oberman)
Above: Hummer F1 Main Studbook Warlander Stallion Approved for Breeding. Contact Ramiro Meija:
​​Above: Taboo JRB F2 First Premium Main Studbook Warlander Stallion Approved for breeding. Contact Regine Brockway: