Warlander - The most willing of natures

Welcome to the international Warlander horse 'mother' studbook. No matter where you are in the world, the studbook can assist you in 'easily' registering your 'eligible' horses so they can 'officially' be called a Warlander.

Based in the breed's country of origin, the Warlander Studbook Society upholds the breeding of Warlander horses to the highest of standards 'globally' and is the only studbook in the world that can issue official WARLANDER PAPERS. *

The Warlander horse began in Western Australia in 1990 at the Classical Sporthorse Stud who started a dedicated breeding program, developed the first breed standard and the name 'Warlander'  after their veterinarian - Dr WARwick Vale.

Now worldwide, the Warlander horse has gained immense popularity from lovers of baroque breeds looking for the best traits from the purebred Iberian and Friesian horse in 'one package'.

The Iberian’s influence was already established in the Friesian (16th Century) and the Warlander was able to start with a consistency of type due to both base breeds strict inspection and regulation – ensuring a greater purity of line than many of today’s well established breeds.
The Warlander is bred for temperament and must follow a strict standard of conformation. 

The Warlander is bred with the greatest respect of the base breeds, not wishing to replicate or change either; but taking their best qualities to form a functional, beautiful horse that has the most willing of natures.

Throughout the world Warlander horses are proving their versatility at Regional, National and World level in Dressage, Show, Driving, Display (Haute école / Doma Clasica / Alta Escuela), Western (Reining), Commercial work and Extreme Sports.

What makes the Warlander ‘special’ is their highly trainable nature and functional exterior  which gives them the natural ability to easily perform in multiple disciplines.

The Warlander horse gives children, adults, families, amateurs and professionals alike - an all-round horse with a beautiful nature and exterior.

* WSS acknowledges Bayerischer Zuchtverband fuer Kleinpferde und Spezialrassen in Germany to give Papers, Passport and Keur Warlander horses. There is no studbook in the USA recognised by WSS to give Warlander papers.
Top: The Spanish Knight and owner Kathi Stewart (USA)
Centre: CS Invictus owned and bred by Classical Sporthorse Stud (Australia)
Bottom: F2 Warlander mare IF Andromeda bred by Immortal Farms (USA)